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The Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine was founded in 2006. Since then we have grown to become one of the largest fertility clinics in Canada. Our headquarters is located on the perimeter of Vancouver (just off Highway 1) to conveniently serve women in the lower mainland as well as those travelling from British Columbia’s interior, Whistler and the coast. PCRM also has three additional offices in British Columbia, located in Surrey and central Vancouver and Whistler. In 2016 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary by opening a brand-new fertility clinic and IVF laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta. From our 4 locations, PCRM provides a wide variety of fertility services to patients in Western Canada and the Northern Territories.

PCRM is committed to educating medical students, family physicians and obstetrics/gynecology residents at the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta. All of our physicians are also university faculty members. We participate in both clinical teaching at our sites and lecturing on campus. PCRM hosts an annual Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Symposium at BC Women’s Hospital for over 180 physicians who want to further their knowledge of fertility care. We are the principal training site for the UBC sub-specialty residency training program in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Dr. Jon Havelock is the program director. PCRM also pioneered the only first trimester screening program (FTS) in British Columbia certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

PCRM is very active in both clinical and laboratory research. We constantly review the most current developments in our field in order to offer patients cutting-edge care. A list of our own research publications and other notable publications in the realm of fertility can be found in our Physician Resources section.