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Accommodations / Transportation

Transportation to/from the Victoria International Airport

Airport Shuttle provides service from the airport to Victoria hotels every half-hour. This shuttle runs from 4:00am-midnight. The cost is $14-$15 per person. For transportation from the airport to your hotel, reservations are not required. For transportation from your hotel back to the airport, you will need to make a reservation the night before.

Information line:
(250) 386-2516
Reservation line: (250) 386-2525


Transportation from BC Ferries

Pacific Coach Lines provides service between various Vancouver and Victoria locations, and makes the voyage from Tsawassen (Vancouver ferry terminal) to Swartz Bay (Victoria ferry terminal). It is also possible to join the PCL bus service once on board the ferry, and thereby use PCL for transportation on just the Victoria side, for example. Bus drivers sell tickets on board the ferry for the first 20 minutes to half-hour of the voyage. There will be an announcement on the ferry as to where the bus drivers are located on the boat.

For more information about Pacific Coach Lines, visit their website: www.pacificcoach.com

Traveling from the ferry at Schwartz Bay to downtown Victoria, the Pacific Coach Lines bus drops off almost directly outside the Howard Johnson hotel – this stop is call ‘Royal Oak’.

The final destination in Victoria for the PCL bus is the downtown Victoria terminal on Douglas Street. The terminal is a 5-10 minute cab ride from the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel.


Taxi Cab Companies

Empress Taxi: (250) 381-2222
Bluebird Cabs: (250) 382-2222


Special Rate Hotel Accommodation for VFC Patients

The Howard Johnson Hotel on Elk Lake Drive and the Accent Inn on Maple Street both offer medical rates. Both hotels are about 5 minutes drive from the clinic.